Chef at home Chef en vous

A chef to cook in your holiday home for the week: breakfast, lunch and dinner

When you are in your holiday villa in Umbria you don’t always want the hassle of cooking and shopping for yourself, especially if you’ve invited friends or family round for the evening. So let me, personal chef Alviero Bigi, join you.
There can be many reasons why you may need a personal cook in your apartment or villa preparing a meal for you and your friends…. for a day or for the whole week of holiday:

  • If you want to be sure that you taste authentic local recipes, prepared with the best fresh ingredients of the season.
  • If you want advice on the exquisite wines available in Umbria.
  • If you want to be served like at a restaurant but you prefer to stay home and drink without worrying about having to drive back safely.
  • If you have just arrived to your villa and you do not feel like cooking or going out for dinner.
  • If you just wish to relax with your family and friends and spend a nice evening, maybe by the pool, without worrying about the pots on the stove or in the oven.

You can personalize your menu and ask us for advice about the best dishes of the season. Our standard meal includes a couple of appetizers, 1 or 2 primo main courses, a secondo main course and dessert. We select the best local wine to match the dishes prepared if requested.

We do the shopping and reach your villa 3-4 hours ahead to prepare your full meal. If your lunch, dinner or party is over 8 people assistants will help in the service too.
Rates vary according to the menu and to the location of your villa. Ask for a quotation now. Reduced prices for children under 12 years old.

How It Works
We will discuss what you would like to eat, from a formal sit-down meal to a buffet or banquet, perhaps some tapas, canapés or just having meals delivered to your cottage for you to heat up when you arrive.

I will give you a full quote including my time, ingredients and any travel/delivery costs so you know exactly where you stand.

I will then do the shopping, part prepare the dishes at my restaurant if appropriate, bring any equipment I will need with me (if necessary) and let you know what time I will arrive.

I will check the villa in advance to ensure we have all the crockery, cutlery, glassware, serving dishes, cooking facilities, etc.

What It Costs
The cost will very much depend on the menu and style of meal you choose. I will always give you a full quote in advance.

Chef Alviero Bigi